Dezinee from Sudan ready for ASC Challenge

IMG_0479Dezinee (my design) is a crowd sourcing networking platform to bring together customers with creative people (designers, writers, photographers,..) in a competition based way for the customer to select the best choice.

Out of Sixteen finalists that were selected for Sudan StartUp Cup’s Build-A-Business workshop,  ​Mr. Muaz Kory, CEO of Dezinee surprised the judges with their unique business to solve  needs of artisans and creative people .

The Sudan StartUp Cup Challenge experienced a wide range of applications. From apps for linking recruiters with job hunters, training centers for housewives, online shop for custom made accessories and crowd funding platforms.

The mentors/judges were highly commended for quickly guiding the teams through the Business Model Score Card with the help of the Startup Cook-book guide. They also evaluated all the teams one by one & rated them based on their performance, unique selling proposition, among other criteria.

After the workshop the mentors/judges elaborated & discussed their team ratings & choose the winner of Startup Cup Sudan.

We wish Dezinee all the best in the Africa StartUp Cup.

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